Can we take Xanax before the COVID vaccine?

Can we take Xanax before the COVID vaccine

Is it safe to take Xanax before taking the COVID vaccination?

COVID-19 vaccine is stepping up all across the world. But, the new eligible groups come new corners. Taking a COVID vaccine is not much different than getting any other vaccination. But, there are a few things people in mind to help the progress go smoothly. Do not skip the usual medicines on the day of your vaccination, but avoid taking drugs such as ibuprofen, antihistamines, and acetaminophen if you do not need them. The reason is that these medications can reduce your response to vaccines. 

Various concerns have been raised about benzodiazepines for patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

Respiratory Depression

Benzodiazepines like Xanax bar do not cause respiratory depression in recommended doses. It does not cause breathing problems in isolated Xanax ingestion. It can be significant if Xanax is co-ingested in substantial amounts with alcohol or other drugs. There is a big concern that Xanax may cause respiratory depression in patients with existing respiratory issues. This risk is reasonably higher in people with preexisting breathing problems such as severe COPD. 

But, some studies fail to find any clear link between the use of benzodiazepines and increased hospitalizations admissions.

People live in COVID-19.

Early in 2020, when we first watched the outbreak of the COVID-19, the world went on a high alert. People stocked necessary items, isolated themselves, and learned to live a minimal life. It became difficult to manage, but it was coped well with suitable precautions. When the countries started to open, the world began to function normally. People saw a hope that they would be defeating the virus, and with time, people accepted the new reality of life. 

But the new severe wave of COVID-19 again becomes a challenge for people to cope with, resulting in exhaustion and anxiety. Your body’s response to any threat can lead to worry, fear, and anxiety. It is common for some people to experience stress in the context of the pandemic. Fear of getting infected with the virus are the drastic changes in every individual’s lifestyle. 

We all moved from a regular movement to restricted movement to control the spread of the coronavirus. All across the globe, people are faced with the new reality of momentary unemployment, working from home, lack of physical contact with friends and family, worry about isolation, and rapid changes in plans and schedules. All these fluctuations further lead to frustration, mood changes, exhaustion, powerlessness, impatience, substance use, changes in sleep, grief, and agitation. 

We all are living through unexpected turmoil in our lives. It is normal to feel frustrated, worried and frightened about your family, health, and job. Doctors usually recommend a Xanax bar to treat anxiety and anxiety-related disorders. Since the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, there have been reports of individual immune responses triggered by the vaccine. These vaccines have set off a chain reaction and affected other treatments.

Overview of Xanax

Xanax bar is a potent prescription drug that belongs to the family of benzodiazepines drugs. It is the brand name that is sold under the generic medication Alprazolam.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved it in 1981 to treat panic disorders and anxiety. It is the most recommended choice for people all across the USA. 

Alprazolam works in the brain to improve abnormal activities and calm the mind. It comes in different forms and strengths, and its effect depends upon the type and potency of the drug. Xanax mostly comes in the form of a pill or a bar. Every kind of Xanax has a different dosage and appearance. 

White, orange and blue xanax bars are the low potent strength of Alprazolam. They are typically recommended to treat anxiety and panic attacks during the initial stage. These strengths are advised to make patients tolerable to the benzodiazepines to avoid unwanted side effects. 

Red Xanax bar is the highest dose of Alprazolam with the strength of 5 mg. Since it is the highest dose of Alprazolam, each bar contains tiny scores to be divided equally. While the appearance and power of the medicine can vary, but share two common things. All types of xanax are highly addictive and may cause severe side effects when misused. 

The side effects of Xanax include aches, chest pain, confusion, drowsiness, hearing loss, forgetfulness, hallucination, rashes, seizures, and shivering. When you notice these side effects, immediately seek emergency medical attention. 


There is adequate evidence on the impact of the use of benzodiazepines such as Xanax bars in patients with coronavirus infection. It is still unknown whether having preexisting or new mental health issues or taking anti-anxiety drugs increases the risk of developing COVID-19 pneumonia. Sedative drugs are required to manage anxiety or agitation. In case of acute mental problems, rapid control of agitated behavior may be essential to maintain the patients’ safety to facilitate necessary medical treatment. 

People dealing with existing respiratory issues should be offered non-benzodiazepines sedative drugs, where possible. It can include antipsychotics or other sedatives such as promethazine. If it is not practical, you can take benzodiazepines. But, make sure you choose short-acting drugs such as Lorazepam at the lowest possible dose for a short duration of time. Ensure to monitor the respiratory function every hour until there are no concerns about physical health. 


During this rapid rise cases of COVID-19, it is obvious to get anxious about things. But it is necessary to take your COVID vaccine if you have not taken it yet. It will not protect you from the virus but also decreases the risk of hospitalization and severe health concerns. If you are dealing with excessive anxiety, you can take a Xanax bar to manage your symptoms. 

You can use benzodiazepines on patients with COVID-19 infection. But, where possible, try to take non-benzodiazepines drugs such as Lorazepam in the lowest possible dose and for a short duration. Monitor the respiratory function every hour to ensure the physical health status.

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